Flynn Reef is a southern Cairns Reef.

Flynn Reef is a southern reef 57 kilometres south-east of the popular tourist hub of Cairns, Australia.    Within this reef are several popular scuba diving sites, including Tracy’s Bommie, Tennis Court and Gordon’s Mooring.   These bommies provide good swim-throughs for scuba divers.

This reef is part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park the largest living coral reef on Earth.  Flynn Reef is part of the traditional sea country of the Gungandji Traditional Owners.

Since 1st July 2004, this reef is zoned as a conservation reef

About Flynn Reef

  • Latitude 16°44 Longitude 146°16.5
  • Depth range 1-27 metres
  • Access via boat
  • Great for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Flynn Reef


Flynn Reef is an attractive reef popular with scuba divers and snorkelers.

With a depth range of –27 metres covering an area of 4.2 kilometres.  This site has a spectacular coral garden, including boulder coral heads and staghorn coral.  As the reef slopes down from 10 to 20 metres, divers are split with a rich covered coral cover that includes giant clams and fan corals and thickets of staghorn.  Flynn Reef offers excellent visibility and an abundance of marine life.

Along with this site, there are several safety stops for divers.  This reef offers both wall dives and swim-throughs.

Reef Operators

Silverswift provides a day tour and visits this reef location and two others on their daily reef tour from Cairns.  Stay on the Great Barrier Reef with Prodive on a 3-day 2-night liveaboard trip.

This reef location has seven private moorings owned by local reef operators.  A further 25 tourism operators hold roving permits for day time use.

Marine Life

Keep an eye out for grey reef sharks, clownfish, batfish, barracuda, lionfish, and nudibranchs while diving Flynn Reef.



There are superb coral gardens that include staghorn corals, table coral, boulder corals, and soft corals.