Discover Saxon Reef: A Hidden Gem in the Great Barrier Reef


Saxon Reef

Between Norman Reef and Hasting Reefs, Saxon Reef is a hidden gem in the Great Barrier Reef, boasting stunning marine biodiversity and vibrant coral formations.

Accessibility and Diversity

Covering approximately 1.9 square kilometres, this reef offers a quieter diving experience, allowing visitors to explore the underwater world without the crowds. What makes Saxon Reef special is its accessibility to both novice snorkelers and experienced divers.

Shallow Sections: Perfect for All

Shallow sections of the reef allow for easy exploration, making it perfect for those with limited swimming abilities or families with children. Amidst the rocky coral formations, you can encounter tropical marine life here, such as Spanish dancer flatworms and iconic clownfish anemones.

Dive Into Adventure: Scuba Diving

Saxon Reef








For those eager to delve deeper, scuba diving offers a thrilling adventure into the underwater world of Saxon Reef. Dive into the deeper sections to encounter moray eels, painted crayfish, and large glass-eyed cod.

Colourful Kaleidoscope: Beauty Below

Saxon Reef is renowned for its kaleidoscope of colours, especially on sunny days when the sunlight filters through the water, illuminating the vibrant coral hues. This breathtaking beauty creates an underwater paradise straight out of a movie scene.

Snorkelling and Diving: Unforgettable Experiences

Snorkelling and scuba diving are the most popular activities at Saxon Reef, offering opportunities to observe its diverse marine life up close. From colourful clownfish anemones to mesmerising marine turtles, there’s no shortage of wonders to discover beneath the surface.

Ideal Environment: Explore with Ease

With its shallow platforms and unique coral formations, the Saxon Reef provides an ideal environment for snorkelers and divers to explore. Whether floating below the surface or diving into the depths, Saxon Reef promises an unforgettable underwater experience.

Dive Sites: Unique Treasures

Explore the dive sites at Saxon Reef, including Twin Peaks, Mooring, Clipper Mooring, and Turtle Bommie Mooring, each offering a unique glimpse into the marine wonders of the Great Barrier Reef.


Dive into the adventure and discover the hidden treasures of Saxon Reef on your next visit to Cairns, Queensland.