Exploring the Depths: What is a Diving Liveaboard?

A diving liveaboard, a dive safari, or a dive charter is a specialised boat explicitly designed for scuba diving trips.  These vessels offer diving excursions that usually last more than one night, with an average duration of 7 nights. However, shorter and longer trips are also available. Liveaboards can accommodate between 12 and 30 divers, but you can also find vessels of smaller or larger sizes to suit your preferences.

Most liveaboard trips include diving activities, as well as meals and beverages, within the overall price of the excursion. Costs for liveaboard trips generally range from $1,000 to $2,000 per trip. These boats feature comfortable diving decks where divers can prepare their equipment and typically have one or more tenders to transport divers to and from dive sites.

Liveaboard holiday destinations include Cairns, Whitsundays, Townsville, Airlie Beach, Exmouth, and Ningaloo Reef. These destinations offer diverse and breathtaking underwater experiences for diving enthusiasts.


What do dive liveaboards include?

Dive liveaboards offer comprehensive packages that cater to the needs of avid divers seeking immersive underwater experiences. These packages typically include the following:


Comfortable cabins or rooms onboard the liveaboard vessel provide a cosy retreat between dives.


Delicious and nutritious meals are served throughout the day, ensuring divers stay energised and satisfied during their adventure.

Dive Equipment

Access to high-quality diving equipment, including tanks, regulators, BCDs (buoyancy control devices), wetsuits, and fins, ensures divers have everything they need to explore the underwater world.

Dive Guides

Experienced dive guides or instructors who lead dives, provide safety briefings and offer insights into marine life and dive sites.

Dive Schedule

A carefully planned itinerary with multiple daily dives allows divers to explore various dive sites and marine environments.


Transfers to and from dive sites and transportation to remote or inaccessible dive locations.

Onboard Facilities

Amenities such as sun decks, lounges, dining areas, and equipment storage spaces provide comfort and convenience during the voyage.

Safety Measures

Strict safety protocols and emergency procedures are necessary to ensure the well-being of all passengers and crew members.

Overall, dive liveaboards offer a seamless and immersive diving experience, allowing divers to focus on enjoying the underwater world while everything else is taken care of.